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List of sites that offer "Sita Sings The Blues" as a download, a BitTorrent, or Streaming. If you're hosting the film, please add your site to this list.

  • DVD Downloads!
    • OFFICIAL DVD! (Please Download via BitTorrent if you can; Direct Download also available Here) -- Nina's official DVD version, this should be the exact file content you will find on one of the official "pre-burned" DVDs. Includes director commentary, animated menus, 25-minute interview with Nina, one trailer, full version of "Fetch!" animated short, and subtitles in 3 languages (english, french, italian).
    • Drakar2007's Unofficial Version (Download via BitTorrent; Direct Download also available Here) -- My handmade "UNofficial" version including full menus, director commentary, 2 trailers, and subtitles in 8 languages (english, spanish, french, german, russian, chinese, dutch, finnish).
  • Streaming Versions:
    • Youtube (best Youtube version, full 720p perfect synchronization, not available in Germany because of Youtube filters)
    • DailyMotion (720p, with multiple subtitle languages available, thanks to!)
    • (streaming with English caption and possibility to add subtitles in other languages.)
    • WNET / (streaming and download H.264 .mp4 720p 3Mbps)
    • (with french subtitles / .srt also available)
    • No Fat Clips!!! (streaming and download MPEG-4 clips)
  • Other Burnable Versions:
    • 720p AVCHD(?) (HD 720p image burnable on a DVD blank for use in certain Blu-Ray players, including the PS3) (Torrent)
    • 640x360 700MB XviD download (burnable to a CD-R/RW; suitable for playing on many modern DVD players)

  • ...add more sites here...

You can also buy a Creator-Endorsed DVD from

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